Celoxica Accelerated Trading Solutions

"Through a combination of leading edge software design and hardware acceleration we can now offer deterministic performance (zero jitter), ultra-low latency (measured in microseconds) with ultra-high throughput up to millions of messages per second together with accelerated market data and accelerated market access. We provide all this on a single server for both single market & multi-market use cases."

Gillies Herfeld,
Chief Technology Officer



Our hardware-accelerated solutions are delivering unique business advantage through:

Accelerated Market Data Feed Handlers

Accelerated Order Access/Execution

MAG - Pre-Trade Risk Management

Celoxica provides a Broker execution platform that can receive incoming orders from a client, apply pre-trade risk checks and then execute that order on the relevant exchange/s.

Market Access Gateway ('MAG')Click here for more information about MAG

With our accelerated trading solutions, Celoxica is uniquely positioned to provide:

Ultra-low latency Direct Market Access (DMA) for Proprietary Traders
Our Line Handlers are capable of processing market data with a sub single digit microsecond latency irrespective of market bursts
Consistent, deterministic performance when it’s needed most
Testing at client sites has proven performance is consistent under load with up to 3 million messages per second across varying market conditions with support for all US high frequency Equity, Futures and Options feeds
Fast order book processing and recovery
Local order book with full market depth cache and recovery is offered as an extension to the Line Handler product with ultra-low latency (including the Line Handler) irrespective of market bursts
Ease of integration with existing trading applications
Our feed handlers have normalized structures across all markets with simple APIs ensuring ease of integration
Low footprint ensuring protection of investment and minimal cost outlay
Acceleration is transparent to the application development environment, and it will operate in hybrid configurations where only those servers require acceleration. This delivers a cost-effective way to increase performance.

Single Market Use Case

Multi-Market Use Case

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